Our Vision

Did you know you can own ideas, like how you might own a house? As a patent holder, you are recognized for your technical achievements and can generate passive income through licensing. We are building language-generation software that make drafting and filing patents as easy as registering a domain name. With our software, anyone can become an inventor by describing their idea in a few paragraphs. After filing for a patent, inventors can use our platform to monetize their patent portfolio by licensing and trading their assets in an online marketplace. Our overall roadmap by analogy is as follows:

Autodesk | Drafting tool for professionals
TurboTax | Legal automation for everyone
Amazon | All-in-one platform and marketplace

Frontend Engineer


1. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AWS, Rest API, JSON
2. At least one year of experience with Vue or React
3. Bonus: Auth0, Stripe, Draw2D, WordPress, PHP, Python, C#, VSTO

What we look for

1. Clear and structured communication
2. Able to break apart problems systematically
3. Good design intuitions and judgment
4. Being able to learn quickly and solve any problem
5. Takes initiative and energizes the team
6. Integrity, professionalism, and punctuality

What you will work on

1. Build a beautiful user interface for our professional drafting software web client
2. Manage integrations, including AWS, Auth0, Stripe, and WordPress
3. Implement UI for displaying and modifying knowledge graphs
4. Implement text autocompletion

Why you should join

1. Growth-centered company culture
2. Flexilibility to work on projects you are passionate about
3. Competitive compensation